Pearl Group recommends the following ways or strategies to facilitate and promote Sustainable Agriculture Development.

Sustainable agriculture is farming in sustainable ways meeting society’s present food and textile needs, without compromising the ability for current or future generations to meet their needs.

1/ What is sustainable agriculture?

Sustainable agriculture is stable and tends to be increasingly improved in terms of crop and livestock productivity on the same piece of land, promoting economic efficiency, feeding more people and increasing income levels. improved without damaging the environment of nature and the community.

2/ Sustainable agriculture in the world

Sustainable agriculture and food security are common challenges in the world. Countries with sustainable agriculture such as the United States, India, Argentina, Japan, etc. are gradually promoting their agricultural strengths. By building a strong strategy, the world's agriculture has become more and more sustainable and efficient.

3/ Strategies for sustainable agricultural development in the world

3.1 Promote crop production

Promote agricultural credit by transferring technology to farmers based on available inputsIntroduce policies to support farmers to encourage participation in production to ensure prices reasonable for the product
Diversify crops to create a diverse and growing ecosystem
Protecting the soil with mulching measures to help maintain the soil environment, avoid loss of nutrients and maintain biodiversity in agriculture.

3.2 Investment in infrastructure

When the government plans to promote private sector investment, some types of investments can only be made by the government, such as road construction and maintenance and distribution. power distribution. Such infrastructure investment is needed for the movement of inputs to farmers as well as agricultural goods to consumers. Reduce production costs, reduce marketing margins and eliminate spoilage, limiting other costs associated with shipping

3.3 Development into agribusiness

Commercialization and modernization of agriculture can provide opportunities to increase economic activity, create jobs, improve crop yields, and reduce agricultural production costs. Karma. The government can provide a comprehensive program to promote agribusiness including financial incentives (credits), research facilities and training in business management.
The Ministry of Agriculture may consider programs and projects to promote the establishment of joint ventures for the production, processing and export of fruits, vegetables, flowers and other crops, thereby creating jobs in rural areas.

3.4 Agricultural

Research Agricultural research plays an important role as a source of new varieties and management and farming practices. Developing suitable farming systems and improving production technology in close cooperation with extension staff and farmers will be the main research objectives. Private research also takes place on the production of related goods that can be sold commercially, such as hybrid seeds and pesticides.

3.5 Agricultural Extension

Making farmers aware of new technologies will continue to be the responsibility of the Department of Agricultural Extension. The Department will intensify its efforts to reach its customers through the mass media and display in retail stores posters, leaflets and pamphlets about fertilizers, irrigation equipment and seeds.

3.6 Inputs

Irrigation expansion will be encouraged to help reduce costs for farmers. In areas where deep wells are the only viable means of irrigation. Furthermore, to help poor farmers reduce production costs, irrigation channels can be introduced by public areas.

Import and distribution of fertilizers will remain in the hands of private companies and prices will be reduced as low as possible through competition. The government will establish regulations to ensure the correct labeling of fertilizer containers. Mixed fertilizer production and marketing will also be encouraged and a buffer stock will be maintained in public areas to meet unexpected demand and distribute to inaccessible areas.

Government and private agencies will be carrying out research to develop new varieties of seeds. Seed importation by private companies is best facilitated.
Sustainable agricultural strategies play a very important role in the agricultural production of the world. Therefore, strategies such as promoting crop production, infrastructure investment, seed development, agricultural extension activities and inputs are essential.


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