How to make Roast Duck With Honey Leaves As Delicious in The Restaurant

How to make Roast Duck With Honey Leaves As Delicious in The Restaurant

Nowadays, it is not difficult to find grilled duck shops along the streets. However, each place produces roasted duck with honey leaves with different flavors. But all still retain its characteristic flavor.

1. Where to buy honey leaf

Is known as one of the commonly used ingredients with roast duck. Makes food more flavorful. The leaves that grow honey are often used by highland people for cooking. Thanks to that, it always has a rustic taste of the mountainous countryside. With the effect of reducing the fishy smell of the dish since ever, it has become an effective assistant for housewives.

You can buy honeysuckle leaves in the big market. Or now, when technology is developing more and more, you can order in other provinces and have it delivered to your home. With just one phone call, you can buy a simple leaf hook.

2. What is the use of honey leaves

Known as a type of leaf often used with grilled dishes. In addition to creating the aroma for the dish, honey leaves also have many health benefits.
Honeysuckle leaves contain essential oils to make them fragrant, so they are often used to eliminate the fishy and foul smell of meat. Therefore, housewives use it in braised fish, roast duck, roast meat, etc.

3. The health benefits of fenugreek leaves

Are also high in calcium, protein and iron. Thanks to that, it is very good in stimulating digestion, helping to protect the liver and gallbladder.
People also use honeysuckle leaves to produce functional products that are good for human health.

4. How to make roasted duck with honey leaf

Is a famous dish in Lang Son with intense appeal. Since when has roasted duck with honey leaf has become a famous dish in this land with the most prepared flavor. Let's make the way to make Lang Son roasted duck with honey leaf below.

Ingredients to be prepared

  • Duck meat: 1 duck. You choose ducks about 1.5-2 kg is medium. You should not buy ducks that are too young when roasting the meat will not taste good.
  • Honeysuckle leaves: 20-25 leaves. You can use 3-4 more fresh nectarines.
  • Fresh chili: 2
  • Dried onions: 2 bulbs
  • Dried garlic: 1 bulb
  • Honey

How to marinate roasted duck with honey leaves

  • Step 1: Preliminary preparation of necessary ingredients

Before marinating duck, you must carefully prepare duck meat to completely remove the odor.
First, use granulated salt or white salt to rub around the duck. Rub gently for about 5 minutes, then rinse with water.
Peeled ginger, washed and pounded, mixed with white wine and applied to the whole duck body. You apply the whole inside and leave for about 15 minutes. You can also use vinegar to remove odors from duck meat.
Finally rinse and dry.
Dried onions, dried garlic you peeled, washed with water and then minced.
Fresh chili you wash and remove seeds. Slice small diagonally.
The leaves are washed and then drained.

  • Step 2: Marinate duck meat

With the method of making roasted duck with honey leaf, the difference is that you will stuff the duck's belly with the necessary spices.
You prepare a large bowl for all the leaves to hook the honey into. Mix together with minced onion and garlic, add 2 teaspoons of salt, 1/2 teaspoon of pepper, 1 teaspoon of noodles and then put the whole thing in the duck's belly.
Marinate duck meat and sew duck belly
You can use a needle to seal the duck's belly to prevent the mixture from falling out.
Boil a pot of water and add some honey. Slowly add the whole duck to the pot for about 2-3 minutes. Doing so will help the duck meat to have a more beautiful color and flavor.
Another way you can mix honey with lemon and sugar and mix well. Drizzle the whole duck with some boiling water and then brush the honey mixture over it. Doing so when roasting duck skin will be more crispy, more fragrant.
When everything is done you start roasting the duck. You use a charcoal stove to place the whole duck on the grill. While baking you should often turn and check. Bake until the duck turns golden brown, the skin is crispy, the duck meat is hunted, the duck fat layer has a delicious sizzling sound.
Or if your home has an oven, you can bake it with an oven temperature of 200 degrees Celsius.
Finally, put the pan on the stove for oil and fry the duck until golden brown. When golden crispy on all sides, remove to paper towels and drain.
The way to make roasted duck with honey leaf is completed, you cut the duck into bite-sized pieces. Arrange the duck meat on a plate according to your preference. You use the bile leaves stuffed in the duck belly and sprinkled on the surface of the meat. You can sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds to make the dish more attractive. Grilled duck with honey leaves.

How to make roasted duck with honey leaves

The final step to the most complete roast duck with honey leaves is the dipping sauce. You can cook using a variety of sauces to your liking.
The simplest is that you can dip it with chili sauce. Or you can use soy sauce sold at the store to dip. Add some minced garlic and a few slices of fresh chili.
Add another part of dipping sauce, which is garlic soy sauce. You use minced garlic sauteed with cooking oil. You use the cork sauce to taste the seasoning to taste and add to the garlic mixture that has just been fried and then boiled. Remove to a bowl, add some fresh garlic and use immediately.

Roasted duck with honey leaves with crispy dark yellow duck skin, duck meat is both soft and chewy. Especially the scent of honeysuckle leaves and honey is very attractive.

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