The agricultural development in the direction of focusing on output and profit is pushing Vietnam's agricultural industry into many new challenges such as low brand value, unstable quality, limited export routes, pollution. production environment, etc. Since then, it is imperative that we have a new direction with a more sustainable nature for the future.

So what factors should we pay attention to to make sustainable agriculture? Let's find out in this article!

1/ International integration Vietnam

Vietnam's agriculture is gradually becoming an open production industry, deeply integrated with the world. Agricultural commodity chains, connected and part of a global value chain. The domestic and foreign markets of both input materials, output products, agricultural services, investment, etc. are gradually closely connected.

Therefore, the stability and sustainability of Vietnam's agriculture closely depends on the way of international integration and the way to combat risks from world market shocks. How is the management of agriculture when financial, production and international investors directly participate in agricultural commodity chains, directly working with farmers.

The process of building commodity chains to link with global chains, so that those chains can be managed in a sustainable way are issues that need to be solved in sustainable agricultural development.

2/ Industrial and urban development

The process of industrial and urban development lacks synchronous planning, sometimes arbitrarily according to the subjective opinions of leaders and businesses, causing the interweaving of factories, In urban areas with agricultural production areas, environmental pollution to production such as heavy metal concentrations in the soil will hinder the production of products meeting food hygiene and safety requirements.

Many agricultural production areas have developed well, the land has been taken away, making farmers and businesses not dare to make long-term investment, agricultural production is increasingly less sustainable.

3/ Spatial planning between industry, service and agriculture

Unstable planning, lack of connection between production planning and processing industry planning, science and technology planning, services, regional linkage, right to change change the planning of local leaders, etc., making the production area and agricultural production system unstable.

Land policy, also makes the production area, agricultural production system unstable. Land policy also makes long-term investment in agriculture limited, especially investment in sustainable development for the future.

4/ The process of modernization of agriculture and rural areas

The modernization process has fundamentally changed the rural economy, rural labor is gradually reduced, agricultural production has to compete with other industries for labor and resources. other. Many farming households cannot keep up with the modernization process, lose their land, etc., so their livelihoods are threatened.

Sustainable agricultural development requires solving agricultural problems to solve the lives of millions of farmers, so sustainable agricultural development can hardly be separated from rural sustainable development. The process of production specialization has formed competitive agricultural production fields. Therefore, if not managed well, it will create unsustainable agricultural production systems.

5/ The role of farmers

The formation of a team of professional, organized and well-qualified farmers in sustainable production is decisive for the formation and development of sustainable agriculture, because Together with them and business is the subject of agriculture.

Therefore, the formation of farmers' well-governed production organizations and their professional cooperative economic organizations is the foundation for them to operate a sustainable agriculture.

6/ Policy on sustainable agricultural development

In the long run, agricultural development policy is based on prioritizing productivity and output growth, the criteria of sustainable development have not been properly incorporated into production areas since regional level, chain, farmer household, enterprise.

For sustainable agricultural development, it is necessary to switch from an agriculture with the goal of increasing production based on resource potential over the past 20 years, to a high value-added agriculture, based on governance according to principles. sustainable development criteria. All countries with sustainable agriculture are moving in this direction.

Sustainable development management needs a synchronous policy from production space management, production management, chain management associated with the trademark system. The agricultural sector has begun to follow this direction, reflected in the content of the Sector Restructuring Project approved by the Prime Minister, the Green Growth Strategy, and the Strategy to Respond to Climate Change.


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